MvR Tailoring Cloths

An exceptional suit cannot exist without fine cloth. MvR Tailoring uses only the most exquisite pieces in the construction of your garments. During your initial meeting with Mark, you will be introduced to the full array of cloth available, ranging from Italian wools to classic English tweeds. You can rest easy knowing that the cloth you choose for your new suit will be of the highest possible quality, having been sourced by a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience unmatched by any in the South Island. The variety available to you at MvR Tailoring comes from all corners of the globe, with suppliers including, but not limited to, Dormeiul, Loro Piana, Harris Tweed, Holland & Sherry, Dugdale and John G. Hardy.

Mark's expert knowledge extends to the intricacies of working with an extensive range of different fabrics. Challenging cloths such as velvet, satin and corduroy are lovingly crafted into wearable sculptures in the MvR workshop and great care is taken to ensure that any patterned fabrics appear seamless. MvR Tailoring is the only tailoring establishment in Christchurch with the facilities and expertise to work with and repair suede and other leathers, which are notoriously difficult fabrics to work with!

Whatever they are, the fabrics you choose will be transformed into a piece of wearable art at the MvR Tailoring workshop and taken index by you to be enjoyed for a lifetime.